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Autogas Group: leader in the energy sector

Energy, heating, energy efficiency and saving: the Autogas Group, a leader in the industry of LPG gas in over 60 years of operation, provides guarantee of reliability and quality also within renewable energy sources.

The availability and expertise of the Group open its delivery and support network to different types of consumptions: from consumer, to commercial and industrial users, according to customer requirements.

The Group provides consultancy and dedicated information concerning the best practice of energy consumptions, favorable for the customers concerned with his comfort and wellness, savings and respect for the environment.

Discover the world of Autogas Group, leading experts in the energy industry!

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Other energy-related activities


Il Ministero a sostegno dei Comuni per gli impianti auto GPL
13 November 2017
Anche per il 2017 è arrivata la conferma da parte del Ministero dell’Ambiente dell’erogazione di fondi per gli ecoincentivi che permetteranno di installare un impianto GPL sulle auto tradizionali. Il progetto rientra nell’ambito della ICBI, l’Iniziativa Carburanti a...

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